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Awesome work dude. Wanna know how it came to this sudden zombie epidemic.
Very good artwork but the only thing I didn't like are some unrealistic motions, but they're not a great problem. The changing from funny to sad was too sudden if you ask me. But still I do like it.
Gratz for the places. :D Left4BBQ

- Intero

knobbywood responds:

thanks man. You mind explaining a lil more on some of the "unrealistic movement" Like yourself I'm always trying to improve my work so any pointers would be much appreciated.

tzztzztzz... I had expected more than this.

A bit difficult than your other flashes... You're drunk, aren't you? xD
Or just got bored making RC 2? The answer is:

Seriously, you should stick to your RC episodes and spend more time making better flashes. This one has no effort. :(
(The same for your Zelda flash)
Don't get crazy and ruin your high-quality-flashmoviemaker-who-is-r eally-awesome-and-smells-like-coffee-
as-well-status with those flashes. xD
Don't be cross with me about this.

It's just a tip... :P

- Intero

lenkalamari responds:

heh I'm only messing around with these ones ; )


This was a really crazy episode!
I love this!^^
Every story was funny! I loved the excellent drawing of this pumpkin head! And Kaz' part was really spooky. :o
And the spooky "short appearing" effects are awesome! If you know what I mean. ;)
Keep the good work on!


- Intero

PS: Kaz' microphone sounds really different than the others. I never realised this in your older flashes.

lenkalamari responds:

He had to use a pretty crap mic for this one : (

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I haven't written a review for a long while, but here's one because you asked so nicely.

I think your main problem in this track is, that your instruments are positioned very unrealistically:
For example you need to position the brass and the drums further away, everything seems to be positioned right in front your face. Get yourself a profile on how an orchestra is positioned, get some real recordings of orchestras and try to position them like that using reverb, panorama and equalizing (the further away, the less high frequencies are heard).

Volume control and proper orchestration: A single flute would NEVER be heard while brass, percussion and strings are playing in that loud dynamic. And there are so many more woodwinds at your disposal you could use to power that main melody. Try mixing various instruments.
There are lots of extensive book about instrumentation and orchestration. Check them out if you want to get more professional.

The structure of the piece is very repetitive, I suggest trying to change the instrumentation (over time) and achieve a different mood with that, different tempi and rhythms and so on. Never repeat the same thing over and over again.

I think I covered up most of everything you should know. I'm still a bit rusty on this.
I wish you good luck and fun with your next track!

stunkel responds:

Well thanks for making an exception!

Yeah I was just going for a video gamey, heroic, and hopeful sounding song. So I wasn't really going for a realistic orchestral feel, just more of themed song with orchestral instruments. And I will take that into consideration, I have never really thought about how an orchestra is positioned. So thanks for that.

And I know it is impossible for a flute to be played over brass, but again, was just going for the theme, I will definitely take this into consideration for my next piece. And I will definitely try to use more woodwinds, good idea. But thanks for this, really made me think about it. Thanks again for the lengthy review!

I like this! Very Kirbyresque, especially at 0:28.
My favorite track in the whole game jam so far!
Good job!

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you! ^_^ I'm really glad you liked it so!


After listening to this I felt like someone is still learning the way to compose something. Since this review-function is made for saying useful things, so I decided to be honest to you.

This song is supposed to be something depressing. It is, yes. This motif begins really good but after the beginning it doesn't develop anymore and it repeats and repeats and repeats. There is no musical soul in this piece of work. But you can do better!

My music teacher in school would say, that this is supposed to be in a movie or something. Without it, it doensn't have the right expression and gets boring. I'd recommend you to spend more time and let your fantasy out of your mind to develop more complex and better compositions! Just sit back, hum something and you'll get something useful very quick. If you haven't read anything about harmonics and stuff, I'd recommend you to do this, too.

It's not about the soundset I'm talking about but about the composition behind this, so don't get me wrong.

After you asked me to review on your song in your review on my song (Which was really positive, thx), I felt like helping you than saying something like "Wow this is awesome m8, keep up the good work". Don't be angry on me if you feel insulted because honesty if something very difficult to express.

I hope I could help you with my advice!

- intero

godset responds:

Yeah, I've got zero musical training, so that's the major difficulty for me. I hardly know the first thing about music theory. I know what you mean, it does drag on, but it's hard to say it "repeats and repeats and repeats" when it's only two minutes long.

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I love that!

Originality is just that what you can do best. :D


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